Camp Keola

Published May 31, 2016 by Leonard Mireles in Announcements, Camp, Event

Camp Keola We encourage children and youth from our church to participate in Mennonite camping at Camp Keola this summer. Junior (grades 3-5) and Junior High (grades 6-8) camps are scheduled for July 17-23. Our high school camp is set for July 24-30. If you are a first time camper you can go for half price! If you invite a friend to go with you, you can get $75 off your camp fees. Also, our church offers $50 scholarships to campers who memorize Bible verses. Junior and Junior High campers need to memorize Philippians 2:5-11 and high school campers need to recite I Corinthians 13. The verses can be recited to a member of the Mission and Service Committee: Gail Harder, Steve Penner, or Juanita Zarco


Three Wednesday Night Meals This Summer On three Wednesday evenings during the summer months (June 1, July 6 and August 3) different PIM folks will prepare meals for everyone’s enjoyment. Dinner will be served at 6:00 p.m. Donations offered for these three meals will allow more people to attend the PIM Family Camp at Camp Keola this August 12-14.

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